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2008-10-14 09:26:46 by Chymo

So my NG calendar entry is almost complete. I reckon I'll have it done by 10pm GMT (6pm EST), maybe even sooner. So you can check out the progress, and see it in several different stages here in my Art thread. Gimme some critisism while I still have time to make changes, or just a comment giving your opinion.

Quick update.

2008-10-09 16:14:34 by Chymo

Ok work on Unfinished Symphony Pt 3 has officially begun. I'll keep you lot posted.

Stroke Of Genious!

2008-10-08 14:34:16 by Chymo

Well.... Not really. However, I have came up with the basic tune for Unfinished Symphony Pt 3!! Yay kids!! I can't put the basic tune down anywhere at the moment. Will have the Mac back tomorrow. Haha... Mac back!


2008-09-30 16:26:23 by Chymo

Well a Unfinished Symphony Pt 1 has reached 106 listens (Yay!), LED Circus - The Land Of Nod has 90 listens, and trailing behind Unfinished Symphony Pt 2 , only has 49 =[.

Art thread up!

2008-09-28 15:21:05 by Chymo

Ok so my Newgrounds Art Thread is up and running. Go check it.

Here it is, Enjoy!


2008-09-20 06:35:28 by Chymo

Back home now so I'm gonna mix Unfinished Symphony Pt 2, and hopefully I can post it later on. Also I'm working on a new LED Circus song called "Somebody, Nobody". I'll keep you updated.


2008-09-18 09:54:14 by Chymo

The last Score I did for Cambo is on the Audio Portal. Unfinished Symphony Pt 2 is almost finished, and sounds pretty good. Goes along nicely with the first one, even though it has a completely different structure, and a few different instruments. I've tried to keep some instruments consistent throughout (i.e. Classical Piano, Cello, Bass Strings etc), and will be doing this through all the pieces. I'm not sure how many there will be, although I intend to have 4. I will probably leave the ending open, so I could continue it if need be. I've also started another song, possibly the new LED CIrcus song, we'll see.


Song Update

2008-09-17 06:51:14 by Chymo

Ok, Cambo Shorts Animation Score 3 is out now. I'm still working on Unfinished Symphony Pt 2, and I'm not sure when I'll be submitting it. When it's finished and mixed properly.

Todays News

2008-09-16 07:18:50 by Chymo

Alright, Cambo Shorts Animation Score 2 (just within the character limit), is out Now. Also work on Unfinished Symphony Pt 2 is well underway, with the song sounding pretty good at the moment. Had to make a few minor changes to one of the string parts. It is more or less finished, I just can't mix it as I have no monitors where I am. Other than that nothing new really. Cambo Shorts Animation Score 3, will be released tomorrow.
Special thanks to Mad-Muppet and everyone else who is a fan.