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New Song In The Works

2008-11-15 17:25:03 by Chymo

Ok, so I'm working on a new song. I've just started work on a Manhunt remix. If you haven't heard the original, hear it here.

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New Song In The Works

Long Time, No News...

2008-11-14 14:18:31 by Chymo

Well. Yes. What's new in the world. Well Obama is now President (hooray), not that it is something that affects me greatly, as we will still have Gordon Brown (you know,that Stranglers song). Anyways, I've started work on my Grafitti project, Monkeys In Suits. So pop on over to myArt Thread and gimme a comment.

Long Time, No News...

New layout

2008-10-21 12:15:26 by Chymo

I've decided to go with a graffiti style, using my tag. I'll update the banner and stuff soon. Lemme know what you think.

LED Circus

2008-10-19 16:39:46 by Chymo

I've been thinking about my solo artist name. Now it is LED Circus although I feel as though I should have some sort of alter-ego. Something clown orientated. I was think DJ Auguste. Auguste (for those who didn't know) is a type of clown. Often represented as the joker in circuses, the anarchist, the one who breaks the rules. I thought this would be relevant considering I try not to conform to typical musical genres. Lemme know what you guys think.

Electronic EP

2008-10-19 06:22:46 by Chymo

I'm starting to get somewhere with my Electronic EP contribution. Unfourtunately I can't put it up on Newgrounds due to clashing liscence agreements or some shit. I might put up a snippet when it's done, like a 2 minute bit of it or something.

Pimpin' like a motherbitch

2008-10-18 11:35:13 by Chymo

New favourite website, PIMPIN'.
Get out foo'!

Get back to work crazy ass!

2008-10-17 13:57:22 by Chymo

Ok so my earlier memory block has finally gone, and work for my Electronic EP submission has once again begun. Watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and then the Clerks II documentary must've jump started my mind.

On A Motherfucking Plato!

2008-10-17 06:42:53 by Chymo

So I've finally hit a creative block, OH SHIT! I dunno where to go with two new songs. It'll only last a day or so. I can't mix properly either because I'm congested and can't hear. I'll keep myself preoccupied creating character sketches for me upcoming Flash series (Check the News Post before this one).

Series Announcement

2008-10-16 09:16:31 by Chymo

Ok, I'm officially announcing a Flash series I intend to animate over the next few years. Work won't be started for a while, but I thought I'd let all you lot know in advance. Yeah. So, I can give a few details out about it, but it's still in it's infantry (although the idea has been in my head for quite some time). I can announce the name of the series, which is "The Weird World Of Darril Strawberry" (more than likely abreviated to TWWODS). I can also officially announce the title of the first episode which is, "The Mirror". The genre will be kind of a dark fairy tale, twisted slightly more than usual. I'll post some character sketches at some point in the near future. Keep checking it out.

NG Calendar Comp Over

2008-10-16 02:48:52 by Chymo

AS some of you might know the NG Print Calendar Competition is officially over. I managed to get my entry in, but I don't think I'll win. That's ok though, I enjoyed finally completing a picture. Good luck everyone.