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OMG; 2 News Posts in 1 day!!

2008-09-15 13:04:19 by Chymo

Yeah OK, so if you read my earlier post you'll know that Cambo has finished his animation (which is pretty sweet). As I am no longer tied down by a project, and mainly because I have nothing else to do, I've started work on Unfinished Symphony Pt 2. I have to say I've come up with some good piano bits to start it off, followed by a nice fat beat. Keep watching and listening fans of the first one.

Cambo's Score

2008-09-15 07:19:05 by Chymo

Ok so the animation Score I was working on for Cambo isn't gonna get used. But I thought I'd post it here anyways. The first of several different versions is up on the Audio Portal

Cambo's Animation Score 1

Unfinished Symphony Pt 1

2008-09-13 11:35:14 by Chymo

New song, please check it out.

Click Me

Anyone like Max Payne?

2008-09-11 06:47:48 by Chymo

...Because I'm busy working on a version of the title song. I'll keep you posted.

Anyone like Max Payne?

Started Art College today. Pretty much boring, but it was the first day, and the induction.
Over to Paul.
Thanks Tom.
In other news, a new LED Circus song is on it's way fairly shortly. This one will be slightly different, heavier and more insane (with a slight hint of SATAN! thrown in for good measure).
With the success of my previous song, The Land Of Nod, with a whopping 58 listens, and 2 downloads, I shall be making many more.
Goodnight Seattle.

College and various other enlightenments...

Whoooaaaaaa, stuuuuffff....

2008-09-07 10:29:18 by Chymo

So, just got back from Spain, aaaaand Britain seems really effing cold! Also there've been floods all around the North-East; near where I live. Lovely. Also, just got my provisional driver license (get in there!).

That is all, Earthlings!
P.S. New L.E.D. Circus song in the making!

New Banner and shit

2008-08-29 18:15:15 by Chymo

Yeah, so I've been meaning to do this for a while, and I guess I was bored so I changed my banner, avatar and icon, acordingly. So yeah, I was gonna do it in Photoshop, but did it in Flash for quickness.
Peace out Motherfuckers!

P.S. Cheers Tom, for like, Newgrounds and that.

LED Circus

2008-08-27 15:52:26 by Chymo

For those of you who don't know (the majority of Newgrounds) I released a new song earlier on. It's my first song under the solo name LED Circus. Expect more, and a band Myspace
Check it out, comment, download, enjoy, rate fairly

Click for song

Sarcastic comment

2008-08-27 06:11:34 by Chymo

Wow, I was overloaded with people wanting to collaborate. Come on guys!!! I have already got Oggy-Cheese in on it. I need some more animators. I'm gonna have to go around and hassle you all!!

Sarcastic comment

New Project

2008-08-25 13:43:04 by Chymo

Hey guys, I'm working on a project at the moment, an animation/music project. Basically it's a music video, it might have a main character, and a little story or it may not. I'm looking for animators to join. I want it to be a collaborative project. If you're interested drop me a pm, or comment below.
Cheers, looking forward to working with you guys